Factory Overview
Factory Overview
Paper Workshop & PU Box Workshop
Paper workshop  & PU  box workshop
Packaging Line With Disinfection Tunnel
Packaging line with Disinfection Tunnel
Modern workshop with
guaranteed quality
Quality control is conduct throughout the whole procedure .QA on raw material component, on line assembling and full inspection of finished product, together guarantee the highest quality of products to our clients.
Factory Cover an area of 12000㎡
PU box workshop
paper box workshop
Key part on mould control
Being a pioneer on mould control process GLD is the first factory equipped with Drying and disinfection tunnel . Since the introduction of the equipment, Zero mouldy issue is happened during past 10 years.
Strict Testing & QC process
Besides strict QC system, internal lab with aging and climatic test machine, transportation machine is also an key part for quality control .Every product is tested before production and every piece finished product is being checked before shipment to ensure supreme quality .
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